Coroflot Re-Brand

As Creative Director, I worked closely with design firm Collected Works, to develop a new look and feel for the brand, producing assets and brand guidelines to bring a cohesive look and feel across all brand communications and touch-points.

Coroflot_Identity_Round_3_v1 (dragged) 3.jpg
Coroflot_Identity_Round_3_v1 (dragged) 9.jpg
Coroflot_Identity_Round_3_v1 (dragged) 2.jpg
Coroflot_Identity_Round_3_v1 (dragged) 4-1.jpg
Coroflot_Identity_Round_3_v1 (dragged) 7.jpg
Coroflot_Identity_Round_3_v1 (dragged) 4-2.jpg
Coroflot_Identity_Round_3_v1 (dragged) 4-3.jpg
Coroflot_Identity_Round_3_v1 (dragged) 5.jpg
Coroflot_Identity_Round_3_v1 (dragged) 8.jpg
Coroflot_Identity_Round_3_v1 (dragged) 6.jpg
Coroflot_Identity_Round_3_v1 (dragged) 10.jpg